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    04 February 2015




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Who is it?

Who I am & what I do
Hi, I am blAke. You can also call me Marco, that’s the name my parents gave me. I am a 26 year old gamer from Switzerland that makes gaming-related hiphop/rap/pop/whatever music. You could also call it nerdcore, a lot of people do. I am also a Web Designer, but that’s not really of any importance on here.

How I got here
I started making music at a really young age and tried to develop my own style of hiphop, that relies on melodic beats and telling people how I feel, without pretending to be someone who I’m not. It is cool to be able to rap about how you feel and what you love with so many people listening. It is a privilege, and I am grateful for it. I loved gaming and music for my whole life and I love the people that I met through it, be it in “real life” or just online. It's awesome!

So here I am. And I think I like it here.

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