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CSGO EP out on CDBaby!

Hey there everyone!

My CSGO songs can now be finally found on CDBaby and soon also on all of the other platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.). If you buy the EP you also automatically support the Brazilian CSGO Team KaBuM.TD and help fund their attendance at the ESL Katowice Offline Qualifier! Why you ask? Well because why the hell not :D

All the infos considering KaBuM and what is the plan can be found here on reddit!

I will also update this post as soon as I get the first numbers in so everyone knows how much money has been raised for KaBuM! They are really nice and skilled guys that deserve our help and a bit of funding shouldn't be the reason for them to not be able to compete! So we can grow the scene and help our equals get the chance they deserve!

And don't despair if you have no particular interest in supporting a team you don't know and just would like to support me, in buying the EP you still do support me a whole lot! Not financially, but sales numbers still help with getting my music out there!


Unfortunately, the funding for KaBuM had to be stopped and the reddit post was removed because I can't prove beforehand that the money will be forwarded. I understand and respect that decision and will simply forward all the income that I got from today (probably not much) tomorrow as soon as the numbers come in. I'll update.

So long, bish bash bush!

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